The Best Electric Road Bikes in 2023

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Electric road bikes are quick and designed for riding on paved roads. Having a battery and motor gives you a boost when you need it.

1. Trek Domane+ LT

Trek Domane Plus LT ebike.
Photo courtesy of Trek.

The Trek Domane+ LT is an excellent carbon drop-bar electric bike. Its rear IsoSpeed soaks up the bumps, which gives you a smoother ride. It’s built well and provides a ton of value for a good price.

Instead of the Bosch motor that the original Domane used, Trek switched to a Fazua Evation motor and a 250Wh battery that assists up to 20 mph. The Fazua motor allowed Trek to reduce the weight to 32.3 pounds.

Trek’s Domane+ LT has a 2×11 Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Riding it feels like a traditional road bike with added power. It offers a sleek look because the removable battery is integrated into the downtube.

Buy the Domane+ LT from Trek for $5,499.

2. Canyon Grail:ON CF 8 eTap

Canyon Grail e-bike.
Photo courtesy of Canyon.

Canyon’s Grail:ON CF 8 eTap is a gravel bike that also rides well on roads. It’s has a 500Wh battery pack that powers a Class 3 Gen4 Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, offers 85 Nm of torque, and assistance up to 28 mph.

While it’s a powerful e-bike, it’s also lightweight. The Grail:ON CF 8 eTap has a carbon frame and weighs 35.05 pounds. The carbon frame allows Canyon to reduce the bike’s weight while maintaining strength and sturdiness.

Aside from the carbon frame, it’s also equipped with a Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 CF Seatpost and the CP07 Gravelcockpit CF for a comfortable ride. The 50mm Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo tires give you less resistance on the roads, allowing you to go faster.

Buy the Grail:ON CF 8 eTap from Canyon for $6,999.

3. Trek Domane+ HP 7

Trek Domane Plus HP 7 electric bike.
Photo courtesy of Trek.

The Trek Domane+ HP 7 is quick, slim, and stylish. It’s everything you’d want in an electric road bike. It has a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and fork along with IsoSpeed, which absorbs bumps.

It’s equipped with a 500Wh battery that powers a Bosch Performance Speed motor. The Domane+ HP 7 offers assistance up to 28 mph.

It also includes a Bosch Kiox controller, a 1×11 Shimano drivetrain with Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting, Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes.

By having electronic shifting, you’ll have a smoother and more efficient ride. On a single charge, it can take you up to 80 miles. It’s one of the best electric road bikes you’ll find.

Buy the Domane+ HP 7 from Trek for $9,699.99.

4. Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Specialized.

The Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo from Specialized is the perfect electric road bike if you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like an e-bike. It has a fully integrated 320Wh battery pack, which makes it look streamlined and gives it a nice silhouette.

With up to 80 miles of range and a 240W SL 1.1 motor, you can take on the roads with confidence. You can also select the range extender option, which provides up to 40 additional miles of range.

Specialized utilizes an 11-42t Sunrace 11-speed cassette, Shimano HG601 chain, and Shimano GRX 810 hydraulic brake levers. It gives you solid performance while also having the ability to stop quickly.

Buy the Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo from Specialized for $7,250.

5. Ribble Endurance SL e-Pro

Ribble electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Ribble.

Ribble’s Endurance SL e-Pro is another excellent option that doesn’t look like an e-bike. It has a stealth hub-driven motor and the Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset for a seamless ride.

It’s completely made of carbon and weighs 25.3 pounds, making it lightweight and allowing you to accelerate quicker. The Panasonic 250W battery offers up to 80 miles of range. If you’re using a higher level of assistance, expect to get closer to 50 miles.

When it comes to design, Ribble nailed it. You can choose between many different colors, and you can customize the handlebar to fit your riding style.

Buy the Endurance SL e-Pro from Ribble for $5,803.43.

6. Bianchi Aria Ultegra Di2 e-bike

Bianchi Aria Ultegra Di2 electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Bianchi.

Bianchi’s Aria Ultegra Di2 e-bike is designed for speed, and it’s hard to tell that it’s an e-bike. In its slim down tube, it features a 250Wh Panasonic battery. It also has a 250W Ebikemotion motor unit that offers 40Nm of torque.

The Aria Ultegra Di2 is made with a lightweight carbon frame. It has a total weight of around 26 pounds. It features Shimano Ultegra components, which helps make it efficient by offering smooth shifting and braking.

Bianchi focuses on making it aerodynamic. The geometry of the e-bike is sleek and built to perform. You can ride for hours with the assistance that’s not overpowering when you need it. It’s also capable of quickly cutting corners.

Buy the Bianchi Aria Ultegra Di2 e-bike from Backcountry for $7,200.

7. Giant Road E+ 1 Pro

Giant Road E Plus One Pro electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Giant.

Giant’s Road E+ 1 Pro is a powerful and fun bike to ride on the road. It’s built with a responsive aluminum frame, composite fork, and tubeless tires to provide a smooth ride.

The e-bike is also equipped with an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra groupset and hydraulic disc brakes, which give you incredible stopping power.

The Road E+ 1 Pro has an EnergyPak Smart Compact 500Wh battery. On a single charge, you can ride up to 90 miles. It also features a SyncDrive Pro motor that offers 80Nm of torque. If you’re using assistance on a hill, you’ll glide up easily.

Buy the Road E+ 1 Pro from Giant for $4,700.

8. Cannondale Synapse Neo SE

Cannondale Synapse Neo SE electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Cannondale.

Cannondale makes some of the best electric bikes. The Synapse Neo SE is a top-notch electric road bike that offers an excellent combination of power, range, and comfort.

It’s a lightweight e-bike, as it has a SmartForm C1 Alloy frame and carbon fiber fork. It also has SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes for instant stopping power.

Cannondale built it with a Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor and a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery. The battery is located in the down tube, and it’s removable, which is easier to charge.

You can ride up to 137 miles on a single charge. The range you get with the Synapse Neo SE is one of the best on the market.

Buy the Synapse Neo SE from Cannondale for $4,500.

9. Orbea Gain M20i

Orbea Gain M20i electric road bike.
Photo courtesy of Orbea.

The Orbea Gain M20i allows you to ride longer distances faster and take on hills much easier. Its equipped with an Ebikemotion X35 Plus 20mph motor and an Ebikemotion 248Wh ANT+ battery.

It has an OMR Monocoque Carbon frame, a carbon fiber fork, and several Shimano Ultegra components. The Gain M20i offers exceptional shifting, instant stopping, and fun performance.

The internal battery and cable routing make it look sleek. It’s one of the best-looking electric road bikes. So, you’ll enhance your ride and look good on it.

Buy the Orbea Gain M20i from Jenson USA for $6,399.

Frequently asked questions

How fast do electric road bikes go?

Electric road bikes go as fast as you can go. However, most offer assistance up to 28 mph.

Are electric road bikes worth it?

Electric road bikes are absolutely worth it because they allow you to ride longer and further. In some cases, you can also ride faster.

What’s the best electric road bike?

Overall, the best electric road bike is the Trek Domane+ LT. It’s not as expensive as many other electric road bikes, and it offers excellent performance and handling.

Bottom line

Electric road bikes are worth the money if you consistently use them. They allow you to ride longer, faster, and further. You don’t have to use assistance at all times, but it’s there if you need it. Many of them are also lightweight and look like traditional road bikes.

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